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Redefining human performance, productivity, and efficiency by maximizing the value of visual data.

Our Company

Cogniac is a global computer vision AI leader, headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices worldwide.

Founded in late 2015 by Bill Kish and Amy Wang, Cogniac is on a mission to become the leading global computer vision platform.

Cogniac integrates the latest developments in deep learning and hyper-parameter optimization with an easy-to-use interface. This means that your subject matter experts can focus on continuous improvement without the need to build extensive technical AI knowledge.

If something is visible to a human subject matter expert, then Cogniac can be trained to see it too. Within two weeks, the Cogniac platform can exceed human accuracy and allow you to deploy your human capital on more complex tasks.

Cogniac Corporation

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Our Team

At Cogniac we are a group of engineers, client executives, and operations specialists who thrive on problem-solving under pressure.

With new client challenges every day we are constantly developing our computer vision platform to solve real-world problems. Our account, technology, and operations teams bring with them expertise from a variety of industries to help us deliver improved results for our customers around the world.

Quinn Curtis

Chief Executive Officer

Quinn is an experienced leader of AI and SaaS-based companies. He also founded BrightCloud, one of the first technologies to utilize AI in the internet security space, and led the company to a successful exit.

Vahan Tchakerian

Chief Partnership Officer

Vahan leads Cogniac’s partnership and technology integrators. With 20+ years of executive experience, he has a detailed understanding of how our platform benefits our clients.

Y. Ming Tsang

Director of AI

Ming architects and empowers automated training and evaluation pipelines throughout the Cogniac system. He has published research and patents across multiple fields.

Ledi Imaraj

Head of Platform Strategy

Ledi has a background in technology sales, solution engineering, and product management. She leverages this experience to run Cogniac’s platform strategy.

Jared Smith

Chief Revenue Officer

As CRO, Jared Leads all of Cogniac’s revenue-generating operations. He brings extensive knowledge of business and partnership development to the team.

Steven Hartman

Chief Marketing Officer

Steven’s role as CMO oversees all aspects of Cogniac’s marketing strategy and execution. His experience spans both marketing and product leadership roles.

Jon Jakupi

Chief Financial Officer

With an extensive professional background, Jon brings accounting, financial planning and analysis, investor relations, compliance, and risk management to the Cogniac team.

Susanta Pattanayak

Vice President of Engineering

Susanta has experience in development, observability, monitoring, analytics, and SaaS platforms. He leads all engineering strategies and development at Cogniac.

Sandip Patel

Chief Architect

Sandip is responsible for leading the platform infrastructure powered by Cogniac’s AI engine. He establishes the strategy and operations behind this architecture.

Bill Kish

Cogniac Founder

As a serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley veteran, Bill has over two decades of experience bringing cutting-edge technologies to market. Bill Previously founded Ruckus Wireless, a Global Wifi vendor.

Andre Turenne

VP, National Grid Ventures

Andre is VP of Corporate Venture Capital at National Grid Partners. He has an extensive 30+ year career in technology across venture capital business development and operations.

Alexei Andreev, PhD

MD, Autotech Ventures

Alexei has sat on the board of Cogniac since their investment in 2017. With extensive knowledge in technology investments, he affords a wealth of experience invaluable to Cogniac’s Growth.

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