Cogniac is proud to have former military personnel working for the company. This experience underpins Cogniac’s ability to deliver classified projects in the Defense industry.

Cogniac’s single platform underpins diverse visual applications across the multiple departments within the government and defense industries. As the demands on the government become more severe, Cogniac is enabling better interpretation of visual data than ever before.

The government and defense sectors are constantly striving to improve their performance across many different and diverse challenges. From highly classified operations to everyday security, Cogniac’s AI creates a platform to enhance everyone’s safety.

With limited training the Cogniac platform can learn to recognize invisible borders along National, State or County lines. By recognizing this detail, the law enforcement operatives have a better understanding of the safety of their environment.

By using Hyper Parameter Optimization, Cogniac is able to identify a huge variety of objects and individuals from a range of camera systems. From night-vision and infra-red to x-ray, Cogniac can detect suspicious objects in a matter of seconds.

Cogniac is also able to support the government by improving the speed and accuracy of traditionally human-centric roles, such as document approvals and identification. Cogniac’s incredible Optical Character Recognition (OCR) models allow border control and immigration to consistently enhance the efficiency of the department.