With high-quality e-commerce and last-mile shipping experiences becoming the norm for most consumers, Cogniac’s AI enables logistics businesses to maintain the standards their customers expect.

As millions of parcels and packages are shipped every single day across the US, the logistics industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation in everything they do. In an attempt to reduce errors and speed up the delivery chain, organizations are turning to Cogniac to help.

In today’s world where e-commerce dominates and deliveries are predicted (and expected) to within minutes of their planned arrival, logistics companies are having to operate within the finest of margins.

Cogniac’s AI delivers the most advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) models in the industry. With incredible accuracy, Cogniac can identify handwritten or typed letters at even the most acute angles. This enables companies to capitalize on the power of AI machine vision in more environments than previously thought possible.

From shipping containers where ID numbers are written across corrugated panels to parcels moving at high speed within a sorting facility, Cogniac can identify, interpret and analyze the codes within the logistics industry, creating a global ground truth of visual data.

Using Hyper Parameter Optimization Cogniac is able to identify with greater ease the same letters and numbers written in different ways from different angles. Rather than the traditional machine vision approach of matching a new image to a training image, Cogniac interprets the new image through convolutional neural networks and delivers incredible accuracy for customers.