Safety & Security

Through a range of machine vision capabilities, Cogniac is monitoring enterprise-level procedures and processes that ensure enhanced operations and compliance for customers.

The diverse applications available on Cogniac’s no-code AI platform allow organizations to create bespoke visual inspection tasks that are relevant for their business and operations.

Whether the customer needs to maintain a secure boundary and identify trespassers or monitor the compliant use of PPE at a facility, Cogniac’s AI platform can be trained to spot what is required in real time.

By flagging questionable images to a human subject matter expert, Cogniac’s system runs automatically, continuously identifying the best AI model. Models can quickly and easily be trained to recognize different items of clothing or PPE and, using the existing CCTV camera infrastructure, the Cogniac platform can be operational within a day.

For more sinister activities such as trespass or intrusion, Cogniac can work with a range of cameras to suit the client’s needs and has great experience of identifying individuals, even in the dark and wearing camouflage clothing.

Cogniac’s powerful AI platform enables organizations to maintain a consistent record of safety & security compliance whether it’s required internally for management or externally for auditors.