Industries We Serve

Our clients have implemented computer vision across several industries.

The automated process of vehicle construction.

We work with automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers to save money and increase safety by improving defect detection and part integrity, including metalwork, paint inspection, and seat cover quality.

The railway bridge

We monitor, in real-time, 22 million train wheels and over 30,000 miles of track every month to keep critical freight railroads on the move, serving consumers around North America.

Industrial facilities surrounded by nature
Manufacturing & Industrial

Our AI powers computer vision that enables enterprises to deliver outstanding levels of accuracy and efficiency in even the most complex manufacturing and industrial environments.

A worker walks across a bridge of an oil platform
Safety & Security

Through various computer vision capabilities, we’re monitoring enterprise-level procedures and processes that enhance operations and compliance.

Soldiers in camouflage use a drone in the woods

We’re proud to have former military personnel working with us. This experience allows us to deliver classified projects in the defense industry.

Warehouse with numerous shipping containers

With high-quality e-commerce and last-mile shipping experiences becoming normal for most consumers, Our AI enables logistics businesses to maintain the standards their customers expect.

Automated drug manufacturing process
Packaging and Kitting

With packaging and kitting becoming ever-more demanding across multiple industries, Cogniac’s speed, accuracy, and agility enable enterprises to deliver outstanding customer service.

People sitting at a table and shaking hands
Special Projects

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