Cogniac works with automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers to save money and increase safety by improving defect detection and part integrity, including metalwork, paint inspection and seat cover quality.

Cogniac’s AI delivers superhuman levels of accuracy and performance in the automotive industry, where the rate of production can make it physically impossible for human subject matter experts to maintain high levels of quality.

The automotive industry is one of the most complex manufacturing environments in the world. With incredible pressure on margins, quality and speed of production OEMs and Tier-1s are often facing challenging conditions.

Cogniac has a long history in the automotive industry and deploys a number of solutions across the entire manufacturing supply chain, working for OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers in the USA and abroad.

Cogniac’s range of solutions includes metal stamping defect detection, product configuration assembly and VIN number recognition, among others. The diverse applications resonate with our automotive customers and enable them to develop their own solutions on the Cogniac platform – placing the power of AI in the hands of the subject matter experts.

Cogniac has also recently developed the ability to identify upholstery and paint defects, neither of which have been identifiable with traditional machine vision solutions.

Case Study – Automotive OEM

An automotive manufacturing line stamps an aluminium bodywork panel measuring 10”x7” every 4 seconds. Tiny defects can occur to the newly stamped blank and these splits or tears can, if unidentified, result in huge extra costs further down the production line. Even the best human subject matter experts can’t keep pace with the speed of production and maintain the level of quality required.

Hyper Parameter Optimization

Working with a setup of 28 high resolution cameras, Cogniac quickly detects splits, tears and other defects on each panel. Each defective part is flagged to the human supervisor, who then double checks the query. This part is then removed from the production line and recycled.

Cogniac’s Hyper Parameter Optimization enables the system to identify new types of defects to the part, constantly learning and becoming more intelligent. In some instances Cogniac can even predict certain issues to parts that are not yet defective. The intelligent nature of Cogniac makes it the perfect solution for this automaker, saving up to $8 million every year through less material waste and higher quality finished products.