Manufacturing & Industrial

Cogniac’s AI powers machine vision that enable enterprises to deliver superhuman levels of accuracy and efficiency in even the most complex manufacturing and industrial environments.

No two issues are the same across the diverse manufacturing & industrial sector. Cogniac’s AI Visual Intelligence Platform is perfectly suited for this industry, harnessing the breadth of Cogniac’s capabilities.

As the manufacturing & industrial sector becomes ever more diverse and complex, human subject matter experts can often struggle to deliver the quality standards expected. From aerospace to EV technology and logging to heavy industry, Cogniac is set up to deliver superhuman levels of operational performance.

Manufacturing & Industrial environments are often hazardous and complex, meaning that organizations have serious risks associated with carrying out their business. As human subject matter experts are incorporated into the process, discrepancies between skill level, training and speed of work all come into play.

Cogniac enables companies to create a quality assurance standard that is way beyond any human operator and that remains consistent across any shift, in any location, no matter how big the organization.

Cogniac’s AI platform can run in the cloud, on-prem or on the edge (using Cogniac’s own EdgeFlow system) so organizations can take advantage of the most advanced AI machine vision solution wherever it is required – even in hard-to-reach locations.

Case Study – Wood Mills

Cogniac works with one of the largest logging and milling companies in North America who, across their facilities, accepts thousands of truckloads of logs every single day. The logging company turns these logs into plywood, lumber, and oriented strand board for home improvement retailers and home builders.

Superhuman Consistency

While the mills have perfected the process of turning raw logs into timber, the difference between each truckload of logs is the single biggest variance. Traditional load inspections are both time consuming and subject to human interpretation but the ‘scalers’ have a significant impact on the yield of the mill. Being able to achieve and maintain consistency in the qualitative and quantitative truckload evaluations is of critical importance and this is where Cogniac has transformed their business.

Cogniac’s AI platform, with Hyper Parameter Optimization, has delivered incredible value to this pioneer in the logging industry. Cogniac is being used to evaluate the quality of the wood received, including the curvature, the internal condition, the length, and diameter of each log. 

All of these variables play a role and the mills using Cogniac have realized increased yield and better value from the wood they receive. This client estimated savings of over $20m per year thanks to more consistent quality, time savings and fraud reduction.