Packaging & Kitting

With packaging and kitting becoming ever-more demanding across multiple industries, Cogniac’s speed, accuracy and agility is enabling enterprises to deliver outstanding customer service.

The Cogniac platform is perfectly suited to organizations whose requirements are outpacing the limits of human capabilities. Our superhuman vision is that packaging companies make no errors in production and kitting across any industry.

Packaging and kitting companies need the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency due to increasing consumer demand and expectations. Cogniac enables this by delivering AI technology where it is required through its cloud, edge, on-prem and hybrid workflows.

Cogniac has a track record of working with complex manufacturing organizations to ensure quality standards are maintained at incredibly high levels. Errors at this critical phase of the value chain lead to material and product wastage. 

The major effect of errors in packaging and kitting, however, is the cost implication. The most damaging result for many businesses is downtime on the line. This manifests in both opportunity cost and additional parts production. In some situations these costs can be as damaging as millions of dollars per shift.

By using Hyper Parameter Optimization Cogniac is able to quickly update the visual requirements for clients. If there is a new label or parts kit, Cogniac can be trained quickly with the use of very few labelled images.

Case Study – Industrial Kitting

Cogniac has worked with a leading heavy industry manufacturer since early 2020. The kits monitored by Cogniac contain hundreds of parts that are sent to the production lines where even the smallest errors have major consequences.

Neither manual inspection nor traditional machine vision solutions are accurate enough when dealing with the volume and complexity of the kits. Many of the parts look similar to each other or are obscured when the subject matter expert is identifying them.

99.9% Accuracy

Cogniac’s system uses Hyper Parameter Optimization to analyze an image of the prepared kit to ensure that the parts are accurate for a desired SKU. Cogniac processes the image in a matter of seconds and notifies a human subject matter expert if there are any errors in the kit. For this heavy industry client Cogniac’s AI platform can analyze over 2,000 different SKUs and hundreds of individual parts.

Prior to the use of Cogniac, the accuracy of the kits was 99% but this meant that there was a 50% error rate, leading to significant production line downtime. By using Cogniac the accuracy has increased to 99.9%. This means there are virtually no production line shutdowns that would have previously cost the customer $275,000 per hour or $2,200,000 per shift in opportunity cost and material wastage.