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Become a Cogniac partner and drive value for your customers by deploying the latest AI models and techniques for their visual tasks.

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Why Partner with Cogniac

Cogniac is a world-leading AI-powered Computer Vision company based in San Jose, CA, and with operations across North America, EMEA and APAC.

Partnering with Cogniac has many benefits including: - Building end to end scalable AI solutions for customers - Creating value from visual data to enhance Industry 4.0 ambitions - Building innovative brand perception - Driving increased revenue and loyalty from existing customer base

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Our Partner Profiles

Global Systems Integrators (GSIs)

At Cogniac we are proud to partner with some of the world's leading GSIs. These multinational firms offer Cogniac to their customers to deliver the latest no-code AI that drives the maximum value in visual tasks.

Vision Integrators

As a platform business, Cogniac enables Vision Integrators to solve their customers' broad range of challenges, bringing the most advanced AI-powered Visual Intelligence Platform to life.

Software Vendors

Across the manufacturing and industrial sectors, Software Vendors are intrinsically linked to their customers' businesses. Cogniac is embedded into existing solutions to enable Software Vendors to bring the most advanced visual AI to their clients.


As the world works towards Industry 4.0, Cogniac is working with industrial OEMs to deliver AI-powered compiuter vision at the point of detection. From robots to 3D printing, Cogniac is partnering with leaders across multpile industries.

Hardware Manufacturers

Cogniac's AI platform can ingest any form of photo or video input so we are partnered with some of the world's leading camera hardware manufacturers as well as HPC companies to support our growing need to high quality GPU and processing hardware.

Consulting Companies

As consulting companies look to deepen and strengthen their relationships with their customers, Cogniac provides an agile and scalable solution ready to integrate with existing systems and technologies.

Our Partners

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