What is Cogniac

Cogniac’s no-code solution enables organizations to capitalize on the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and convolutional neural networks to deliver superhuman operational performance.

Key Benefits

Why Cogniac

Cogniac’s AI machine vision platform enables enterprise customers to achieve Industry 4.0 standards through visual data management and automation. Cogniac helps organizations’ operations divisions deliver smart continuous improvement.

Key Benefits

Why Cogniac

Cogniac’s AI machine vision platform enables enterprise customers to achieve Industry 4.0 standards through visual data management and automation. Cogniac helps organizations’ operations divisions deliver smart continuous improvement.

No developers required

The Cogniac user interface has been designed and built to be operated by a non-technical user. With simplicity at its heart, the drag and drop nature of the Cogniac platform allows subject matter experts to focus on the tasks that drive the most value.

Drive value from 100 images

Cogniac’s platform can identify defects from as little as 100 labeled images. Once trained by 25 approved and 75 defective images, the Cogniac AI will deliver results that are comparable to a human subject matter expert within hours of set-up.

Get up to speed in 2 weeks

Cogniac’s AI behaves like a data scientist. The platform optimizes models and course-corrects in real time, reducing setup and implementation time by months, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. This approach is called Hyper Parameter Optimization.

AI that creates AI

Cogniac’s platform is so powerful because its AI learns from every image it processes. As the system analyzes more images, the platform becomes faster and more accurate with every task, constantly improving in the background.

Global system of record

Cogniac’s cloud-based platform means that customers can deploy and monitor applications around the world by themselves. Cogniac manages the images in a central, secure hub that enables organizations to build a global system of record for all their visual data.

Highly agile and scalable

Cogniac’s AI is perfectly suited to the agile and demanding nature of high-quality manufacturing. The platform supports multiple deployment models across cloud, the edge, on-prem and hybrid approaches, enabling customers to scale seamlessly.

Browse Industries


Cogniac’s machine vision platform simplifies the ever-more complex automotive industry, improving the performance of OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers. From stamping lines to fascia panels or paint inspection, the power of Cogniac is changing the face of automotive manufacturing.

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Railroads still form the backbone of the mid-distance logistics industry, providing efficient transportation for goods across the country. Cogniac works to ensure increased safety and preventative maintenance on both the train and the tracks - the most valuable physical assets in the industry.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

Cogniac is the game-changer for machine vision in manufacturing & industrial environments, truly maximizing the value of visual data for its customers. Cogniac delivers transformative organizational performance by overcoming the challenges you never thought possible.

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Safety & Security

Cogniac is improving the way companies can ensure safety for their employees, customers and guests at sites and facilities worldwide. Whether you’re looking for intruders or simply PPE equipment, Cogniac can deliver enhanced operations and compliance for your organization.

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With vast executive experience in government organizations, Cogniac is ideally placed to support a range of intelligence, national security and defense projects. Cogniac upholds the most rigorous safety and privacy protocols for its clients, protecting the interests of every citizen.

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The global reliance on e-commerce is an example of the way our world is changing. Cogniac supports the logistics industry with intelligent warehouse and inventory management. By solving a diverse range of problems not previously possible, Cogniac is the perfect strategic partner for large logistics organizations.

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In today’s world where kitting and packaging is growing ever more demanding, Cogniac is helping businesses deliver for their customers with incredible accuracy. From CPG and pharmaceutical inspection to industrial kitting, Cogniac is the machine vision leader in the mass production industry.

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Our Agile Approach to AI

Adaptive AI

Cogniac’s AI uses Hyper Parameter Optimization to test and deploy the most accurate model. This approach is used to make the AI more intelligent, adapting to real-world conditions for customers faster.

Driving Value Faster

The evolving AI models adapt and improve, enabling customers to easily deploy multiple tasks. Cogniac continues to learn and drive greater value, unlike traditional machine vision systems that remain fixed on a single solution.