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Enhancing Operational Maintenance and Safety in Rail With Computer Vision AI

With rail safety in the national spotlight, finding innovative solutions to enhance maintenance efforts and reduce the number of derailments is more important than ever.


Leslie Karpas

Cogniac Vice President of Product

Daniel Atherton-Moore

Cogniac Solutions Engineer

Computer vision is one such solution. Whether your company operates, maintains, or provides services to the rail industry, you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to continuously inspect tens of thousands of miles of track, critical equipment, rail yards, and more.

Cogniac is the leading computer vision platform, with more than six years of experience in the rail industry. Watch the webinar record to learn how Cogniac can help you:

Address complex rail use cases

From wheel and track integrity to asset tracking and more, rail industry requirements are among the most challenging to meet.

Analyze immense volumes of visual data

Given rail’s vast geographic footprint as well as the volume and velocity of operations, the amount of data that must be absorbed to train and continuously optimize AI models is massive.

Identify actionable detections at critical speed

Seconds count when surfacing potential derailment and maintenance needs. An architecture that spans cloud and on-prem configurations allows for quick identification of potential issues and efficient, large-scale administration.

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