Cogniac goes live on Cisco GPL

Cogniac Becomes the First Cisco Meraki Ecosystem Partner to go Live on the Cisco Global Price List

At Cogniac, our vision is a world where business process optimization can happen at the speed of visual observation. That is why we have made it our mission to put the power of computer vision into the hands of every business process expert. 

Committed to our mission, in March 2022 we announced a ground-breaking collaboration with Cisco Meraki that would bring custom computer vision straight to the edge with their MV smart camera product line. And today, we’re proud to announce that we are the first ever Meraki partner to be listed on the Cisco Global Price List (GPL).

So, what does this mean? Cisco’s global network of channel partners now have access to our AI-powered computer vision platform through the SolutionsPlus program. The GPL, accessed via SolutionsPlus, enables Cisco’s customers to discover and explore Cogniac’s platform faster and more efficiently than ever before. It also means that we can work closer with Cisco Meraki to solve real-world, enterprise challenges for the end customers.

“Our collaboration was formed to provide businesses with the next-generation of IoT solutions to achieve even greater value from their Cisco Meraki investments. Becoming the first Meraki ecosystem partner to be listed on the GPL is a testament to the quality and caliber of our product, as well as the commitment they have placed in our computer vision platform,” said Quinn Curtis, Cogniac’s Chief Executive Officer.

Joe Weiss, Cisco Meraki’s WW IoT Leader, added, “By bringing the power of computer vision to the Meraki cloud-managed platform, we are democratizing AI and making it simple and easy for customers to solve problems using Cogniac and Meraki MV.”

The opportunities for an enterprise to benefit from an MV smart camera powered by Cogniac’s custom computer vision are endless. Use cases that exist in areas such as physical security, loss prevention and productivity, are equipping businesses to extract more value from their hardware investments.

Some of these use cases could include:

  • Workforce PPE compliance
  • Emergency exit blockages
  • Identify and count products on conveyors or stock on shelves
  • Alert staff to patient slips and falls
  • Portion control measurement
  • Alert staff to tables that need to be cleaned down
  • Estimate retail queue duration

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