“Low complexity and high value.” Cogniac in the IDC MarketScape Report

IDC highlighted the maturity of Cogniac’s platform and its ability to deliver business value for customers.

Learn About 2022 Computer Vision Trends in the IDC MarketScape

IDC recently released a comprehensive report compiling their analyses of software tools, trends and technologies of 2022. IDC’s MarketScape provides information about how to best utilize computer vision for various types of customers, including analysis of AI software life cycles and more. The MarketScape report aims to help you get informed so you can make the most of of your business with computer vision.

Cogniac Named Leader in Computer Vision Category

Of Cogniac, IDC writes that our solution “has been tested by complex use cases including those operating across thousands of concurrent video streams and hundreds of customized CV models.” They explain how “Cogniac’s platform and tooling help customers easily experiment, test, and “debug” complex, composite model workflows.”

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© Copyright 2022 Cogniac. All rights reserved.