A new frontier in railway innovation

As railways push ahead with digitalisation, more and more are engaging and implementing solutions from a new form of supplier: the tech start-up. This is changing the railway-supplier relationship and altering the industry’s wider approach to innovation, as Kevin Smith discovers.

Several people are brainstorming some ideas sitting in the office.

AIR BNB, Uber and Deliveroo are all house-hold names and multi-billion-dollar companies. They also share humble beginnings. Starting out as a simple idea among associates or friends, these firms rode the wave of smartphone ubiquity and cheap cloud computing to redefine the way we book a hotel, hail a cab, and order takeaway food.

With this generation of start-ups now well-established, a new cohort is eyeing billion-dollar valuations. However, with opportunities to reinvent drying up, these tech start-ups – tomorrow’s unicorns – look more likely to supply software that serves and modernises existing sectors.

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© Copyright 2022 Cogniac. All rights reserved.