Cogniac featured in Railway Age

Machine vision and artificial intelligence (AI) are among the tools enabling railroads and transit agencies to automatically and proactively monitor rolling stock condition—identifying mechanical problems before they become serious failures. Transportation Technology Center, Inc.Duos TechnologiesTrimble® Beena Vision® Solutions; and Cogniac shared with Railway Age how it’s done.

Machine vision camera technology captures pictures of moving railcars from a variety of angles. With a Duos Technologies inspection system, for instance, the images are processed through trackside AI servers that look for railroad-defined issues such as engaged brake pistons. “The camera images that contain the brake piston are processed through the algorithm,” Duos Chief Commercial Officer Scott Carns explains. “The results are pushed from our system to the end user. This all happens for each railcar in milliseconds as each passes through the system at track speeds.”

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© Copyright 2023 Cogniac. All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2022 Cogniac. All rights reserved.